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What is a Tariff? As you are probably hearing this term thrown around a lot in the news lately, it is important to know what it is. A

Microeconomics vs Macroeconomics Economics is something all should have a basic understanding of. Economics in its simplest terms can be defined as the study of how society

Unemployment Rate Explained Simply The Unemployment Rate explained simply. The Unemployment rate gives us a picture of the strength of the American economy. If there is high unemployment

What is a Stock? A stock is defined as a share of ownership of a company. If you own XYZ stock, depending on how many shares you purchased,

What is a Bond?

A bond is a form of debt. It is often called a fixed income investment. Fixed Income refers to an investment under which the borrower

What is an ETF? ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund and it is an investment fund that is traded on a stock exchange. An ETF is a pooled

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